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10 “Harmless” Habits to Drop If You Want to Be Successful — the Ones I Do and Don’t Do

An Examination of Myself After Reading an Article from Success Magazine

Recently I read an article in Success Magazine called 10 “Harmless” Habits to Drop If You Want to Be Successful. I was pleased to see that I already do a lot of these things, but there are a few that I do need to drop:

Saying “Yes” When You Want to Say “No”

I do this sometimes, especially on the weekends when I know I should be working on other things, but say “yes” to something else I’d rather do. Usually it ends up working out, because I’m able to do whatever it was I should have been doing later.

Hanging out with people who don’t want to grow

I’m pleased to say I don’t do this. Most of the people I hang out with do want to grow, but they may not be sure how to, so we often exchange ideas.

Working through Lunch

I always take a lunch break, even if it’s not at the time I want to take it. I don’t have a whole lot of choice on this one during the week, at least right now — if my work gets busy, I may not be able to take my lunch at the time I’m supposed to.

Failing to Exercise

I exercise at least 6 days a week, and I find that I’m able to work at a higher level, and my endorphins are higher, which means I have more energy and a better attitude when I’m talking to people.


As a rule, I try not to multitask too much, although I do have to multitask a little bit for my job, because I have to type and talk at the same time. Other than that, I don’t multitask a whole lot.

Pinging people

I don’t usually ping people unless I have something important to ask them that can’t wait.

Striving for perfection

I always strive to do my best, even if it’s not perfect. I also make sure I take any suggestions that people give me and use them to try to make my work better the next time.

Not protecting your recharge time

I always make sure I take time to recharge, even if I’m just relaxing on the couch watching TV or reading a book.

Immediately answering PMs or emails

I usually don’t immediately answer private messages or emails, unless it’s something quick that I can answer easily, or something that can’t wait.

Not prioritizing my day

My work is always my number one priority during the week, but I also try to make sure I take some time to get other things done, like a little writing and reading, exercising and of course my recharge time at the end of the day.

Those are the habits I do, and the ones I need to work on. Which habits do you do consistently, and which ones do you need to work on? Feel free to comment below. If you found this story helpful, be sure to give it a clap.

I started writing in elementary school and never stopped. I enjoy sharing stories about my hard-learned life lessons and writing advice.

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