$13.05 + More Progress In Other Areas

90-Day Challenge Week 9 Progress Report

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This week was definitely a good week. I made a good bit of progress with my freelance writing business earnings, as well as in other areas of my business.

I made $13.05 this week

About $4.50 of this came from Wordgigs, the other $8.55 came from another site I started writing for, Crowd Content. I also have another $12.60 worth of work I’ve completed with Crowd Content that I’m still waiting to find out if it will be accepted or if I have to make changes.

I got some ideas for information I can include in the freebie I want to give away on my website, so I added those. I will probably leave the brainstorm request up on MyBlogU another week to see if I get anymore ideas, then close it out.

I Published Three Posts on Medium

Only one of these, Free Social Media Tools for Business Owners, was directly related to anything I’ve done during the challenge.

I put my Aweber subscription on hold, for now.

My Aweber trial ended this week — I can’t afford it just yet, but I definitely want to use it, so I put it on hold right now for $5 a month. If my writing work keeps up, I hope to be able to re-start it soon.

I finalized the fee structure for my writing business.

I’ve decided to keep it as it is for now — 5 cents per word for articles in my specialty niches of writing, business, or health, and 10 cents per word for articles in other niches.

I started taking a free course on Alison about Social Media Strategy for Small Business

This course is much shorter than the Social Media Marketing course I took — only 4 modules, and from what I can tell it’s all written information rather than videos.

My Plans for the Coming Week

My plans for the coming week are to continue working on freelance writing, whether it’s from Crowd Content or Wordgigs, and to continue working on my Social Media Strategy for Small Business Course on Alison. Hope everyone has a great week!

I started writing in elementary school and never stopped. I enjoy sharing stories about my hard-learned life lessons and writing advice.

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