A Review of this Week

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This week wasn’t quite as eventful as last week, but I did accomplish a few things:



Apptical was busy again — nothing new there.


I worked about 4.5 hours for Lionbridge this week. The project I’m working on is getting much easier now that I know how procedures and what shortcuts I can use.


I wrote two Wordgigs articles. I’m still waiting for them to be approved, hopefully I don’t have to make any changes.


I personally didn’t accomplish much on the house, but because Kevin was in Charlotte this week he got quite a few things accomplished. He hung the blinds and also got our mailbox put up. Time Warner also came and installed our cable so we have high speed internet and phone service. I did find quite a few small projects through the newsletter I receive from the Hometalk website, I hope to write about those as I start working on them. I also got some bags of clothes together for Kevin to take to the Salvation Army when he goes to Charlotte this week, so at least we’ll have less stuff to move. Kevin also found out that management decided not to remodel our apartment, so we’re going to have to thoroughly clean it when we move out, which I don’t like because it will be more work.


I lost 2 pounds this week! Then my time of the month started. I also finished my first week of Pure Strength, which went pretty well.


I called my dad for Father’s Day on Sunday. I told him about the house, and he told me something that completely surprised me — he shaved his mustache off! He’s had a mustache my entire life, so that really surprised me. I guess he got tired of people giving him a hard time about having more grey hair in his mustache than he does on his head though, so he decided to get rid of it. I also talked to my cousin Emma, and she told me she got a job doing graphic design — she went to school for Fashion design, so it’s a bit different, but if she likes it that’s all that matters.

That’s my review for this week. I’m hoping to make more progress this coming week, so be sure to stay tuned for the next review.

I started writing in elementary school and never stopped. I enjoy sharing stories about my hard-learned life lessons and writing advice.

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