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Lessons I Learned from Entering my Medium Data into a Spreadsheet

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Even though I’m a creative person, I’m also a bit of a statistics geek, and recently I decided to put the information on my Medium posts into an Excel Spreadsheet — the story titles, the number of views and reads they’d received. It I thought it would be a difficult task, but I was able to finish it fairly quickly. I did learn a few things from typing all that information into an Excel Spreadsheet, however.

I need to be more original with my titles.

When I was typing that information into the spreadsheet, I noticed I used the same post titles a lot, especially for update posts. I need to start coming up with more original post titles.

Write more responses to other people’s posts and more book reviews.

The story I wrote that got the most views was a story about how to create a running total in Google Sheets — however, most of those views came from Google. The posts that got the most views were ones that I wrote as responses to other Medium posts, or book reviews.

Submit more stories to publications.

The posts that had the next highest views were those that I wrote for Medium publications, especially The Entrepreneur’s Handbook. I’ve been removed as a writer from the Entrepreneur’s Handbook, but I am approved as a writer for two other publications, so I’ll start submitting some of my stories to them.

These are the three lessons I learned from putting my Medium data into a spreadsheet. As I publish more stories I’ll probably put more of them into the spreadsheet, but for now I think I’m done.

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I started writing in elementary school and never stopped. I enjoy sharing stories about my hard-learned life lessons and writing advice.

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