Getting Myself Back Into the Writing Groove

My Plan for Getting Back to Writing Every Day

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A few months ago, I accepted Shaunta Grimes’ 30 Day Writing Challenge — and completed it! It was difficult, but I did it. Since then though, life has gotten in the way — work has been busy, especially the past few months, and I’ve also been busy with my new house. I miss writing every day, so I want o try getting back into the writing groove, whether I’m working on a paid assignment or not. So here’s my plan for getting myself back to writing every day:

My Goal

I want to write every day for at least 15 minutes, whether I’m working on a paid assignment or writing a story on Medium, or both.

My Ideas for How to Get There

  1. Get up every day at 6:00 am and write for a bit — of course I’ve been having a hard time with this, especially with the holidays and also the fact that it’s so cold out that I all I want to do is stay under my covers as long as I can. So if I can’t, I’ll go to idea #2:
  2. Hand-write my daily ideas in the journal I’m going to keep my by couch or bed (depending on whether I’m sleeping in the family room or the bedroom!)
  3. Use some kind of reminder/accountability website (I’m checking into a few) to help me stay. I’ve been using Beeminder for a while to try to do this, but I’ve been lying to myself a lot with it — putting in that I spent time on my goals when I actually didn’t.
  4. Go back to using my 500 words Beeminder goal, which links with Draft (check out my post on creating a writing habit with Beeminder and Draft:
  5. Start writing all my drafts in Draft so Beeminder can track my writing.
  6. When I’m traveling, hand-write my ideas in my writing journal or travel journal — type these up in Draft when I can.

If you have any other ideas for how I can achieve this goal, I’d love to hear them. And if you enjoyed this post, please be sure to clap for it.

I started writing in elementary school and never stopped. I enjoy sharing stories about my hard-learned life lessons and writing advice.

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