How Technology Has Changed Access to Transportation

My First Ride In An Uber

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For me, one drawback of having epilepsy is that I don’t drive because I’m afraid I’ll have a seizure while I’m driving. When I worked outside the home, I had to take taxis everywhere, which cost a lot. Since I’ve worked from home, I haven’t had to take taxis much at all. When I need to go other places, I usually go with my husband.

On Monday I had to go to an appointment with my neurologist. Kevin was out of town, so he couldn’t take me. Luckily though, because of the technological advances that have been made since I worked from home, I didn’t have to wait forever on a taxi — I opened the Uber app on my phone, put in my destination, and it found a ride for me.

What is Uber?

For those of you who have been living under a rock, Uber one of the latest technological advances in transportation. If it’s available in your area, all you have to do is download the app, put in your destination, and Uber will see if there’s a ride available near you. When I put in my neurologist’s address, it brought up a few different choices — I could get an Uber X for $9 and change, an Uber XL, or an Uber Black. The second two options cost more, so I opted for the Uber X. As soon as I chose it, I saw information on my driver, and I could follow his path to see when he would be at my house.

He arrived just a few minutes later, and I got in the car — a nice black Toyota Avalon. As we drove, I made idle chit-chat with him. I asked him about driving for Uber and whether worked it full-time. He told me he worked it besides his other job. About 15 minutes later, we arrived at the Neuroscience Institute where my neurologist has his office. While I was waiting for my neurologist, I rated the driver and gave him a small tip.

My appointment went well — it lasted only 15 minutes. After it was over, I checked out, then had to get another Uber through the app. The first driver had told me I probably wouldn’t get him again, there was no way for me to ask for him specifically, but there were always a lot of Ubers around the Medical Park. As it turned out though, he was available again when I brought up the app and requested another UberX. The fare was slightly more this time, but still under $10.

Would I use Uber again?

Absolutely! Both rides went well, and I loved being able to see how far away they were. That’s something I couldn’t do back in the days before smartphones. If I had to wait awhile on a taxi, I ended up calling back multiple times to find out how far away it was. I would NOT, however, want to take them all the time — $9 a pop for a ride can add up quickly.

Can you tip drivers?

Yes, after the ride is complete. The tips show up as separate charges on your account activity.

Have you ever taken an Uber to get somewhere? What was your experience like?

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