I Had a Marvelous May!

What I Accomplished in May, and my Plans for June

Writing Accomplishments

In May I continued doing some writing for Wordgigs. I also received an email from Textbroker saying I’d been made a Level 4 writer, so I started doing some writing for them again. I also started writing for a new website I found, Get a Copywriter. I wrote an article about benzodiazepines, a press release about a foster care awareness event, and two articles about employment laws in Malaysia. For those who are wondering how I know anything about Malaysia, I don’t. But with all the information that’s available on the Internet, it was easy enough to search for the information I needed.

Writing and Proofreading Income

I made $179.00 this month from writing and proofreading. That’s a combination of income from Wordgigs, Get a Copywriter, and my first payment from my proofreading client. I only made $99 in writing income from January through April.

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For those who can’t see, I made $179 in May, and $99 in all the previous months.

My Goals for June

My main goal for June is to work on increasing my writing and proofreading income even more. I also want to purchase the Genesis Framework and install it on my website. I also want to start taking some of the blog posts from my blog Work at Home Tips Online and turning them into YouTube videos that I can post on my Facebook page, to try and increase engagement even more.

I started writing in elementary school and never stopped. I enjoy sharing stories about my hard-learned life lessons and writing advice.

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