June Was Just Awesome!

My Accomplishments for the Month of June

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Hello everyone, it’s time for another monthly update! I had a great month in June; I was able to accomplish a lot.

Writing Accomplishments

This month wasn’t quite as good for writing income; I only made $82 from all my writing income. However, I did start improving my ability to write press releases. One of them I didn’t do too well on, but I received a 10 out of 10 rating on another that I wrote for Get a Copywriter.

I also started publishing more posts on Work at Home Tips Online. Someone from Canva emailed me and asked me to check out their website and add it to the list of resources I have on my website. They didn’t know I already use Canva, so I went ahead and wrote a review of the site. You can check it out here:


Last month I said I wanted to purchase the Genesis Framework and install it on my website. In June I did purchase the Genesis Framework and installed it with the sample theme on my freelance writing website. I also recently purchased another child theme and installed the Genesis Framework on Work at Home Tips Online along with the child theme.

I did try to create some videos out of old blog posts, but that process has been slow. I need to do some more research on video creation tools.

I also started taking the chapters of the memoir I wrote, which I’m now thinking of possibly turning into a self-help type book, and posting them on Critique Circle so I can get feedback on them.

Continuing Education

I finished Dave Schools’ Udemy course. I’m very pleased with what I learned in that course, and I do feel it’s helped me find better-paying writing assignments. I still write on the lower-paying sites when I need a little extra money, but now I’m trying to focus on finding higher-paying writing gigs.

I also started working on a content marketing course on Hubspot. I’ve been learning a few things from the course that I think will help me create better content for my websites and social media channels.


I’ve been working on reorganizing some things in my house when I have a chance. I did receive an unexpected package this month — a portrait of me that was painted a long time ago from a picture my grandma had. I’m looking forward to putting it up eventually.

The portrait, still wrapped in bubble wrap until Kevin and I can put it up.

Also this month we celebrated one year of home ownership! Those of you who read my posts often might remember we closed on our house last year on June 9.


I finished Core de Force, the kickboxing workout program I’d been doing. I decided to do the Three-Week Yoga Retreat next, to work on increasing my flexibility. I’m two weeks in now, and getting ready to go into the final week. I’ve lost about 5 pounds this month — it’s been pretty easy with Kevin being gone a lot this month, working out of town.

My Goals for July

My goals for July are to keep working on increasing my writing income, finish my Hubspot Content Marketing course, and to write three posts for Work at Home Tips Online. I also want to lose a few more pounds — maybe get my weight down to about 120.

Teacher at heart with a special interest in law, fitness, health, and writing. An all-around nerd who likes to experiment with new things.

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