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90-Day Challenge Week 8 Progress Report

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This week has been a somewhat busy week for me with my business progress. I’ve made more progress in my social media marketing course, submitted an application for a writing position, been trying to research how to do some things in Aweber, and discovered a few new useful tools.

Social Media Marketing Course progress

I almost completed my social media marketing course. I got most of it finished, except for the last 5 lessons in the social media section of it. I was going to do those this morning, but unfortunately it was pulled last night, so I can no longer access the course. Things I learned about this week include:

  • affiliate marketing
  • Creating a confirmation page
  • Creating more messages in Aweber
  • Techniques to get more website traffic
  • Edgerank (an algoritihm Facebook uses to decide which Facebook posts to post at the top of your Newsfeed)

I also learned about using Audacity and Podomatic to record podcasts, and may do that eventually for some of the posts I’ve written on my websites. I also took my first two assessments and got a 95% and 100% on them, respectively.

New (to me) Tools

I also discovered a few tools this week that I think will be helpful:


This website keeps track of the words you type. I synced this website with another website Beeminder to keep track how many words I type every day. I actually wrote about these two websites in more detail in another Medium post.

Gmail templates

One of the traffic methods discussed in my Alison course was using email signatures. You create an email signature with your website’s web address and hope that people will click on it and check out the website. I already had a default signature set up but wasn’t sure how to create different ones with my different website addresses. I did discover that you can do that by using Gmail templates, so I created a few with my different website addresses in them.


Another tool that I learned about this week was Audacity, a piece of software that’s used to make audio recordings. There are a few different places that Audacity can be downloaded from, but if you want to read more about Audacity you can do so here. I haven’t tried it yet, but I hope to after I’ve figured out which posts on my blogs would make good podcasts.


Podomatic is a website that can be used to produce podcasts on the web. You can record the podcasts right on the website, or upload recordings you make with a tool like Audacity.

Auto AP Style Editor

I applied for a few jobs that require AP Style to be used. Since I don’t know much about it, I found this handy Auto AP Style Editor, which helped me out a bit.

Applied for two writing jobs and started applying for an editing job.

I submitted two applications for writing jobs with Crowd Content Media. The first one was fairly easy — I had to write a 250–300 word article on a very broad topic. The second was a bit harder — I had to write 50–60 word product descriptions on two different products following AP style. That part wasn’t hard, but also had to look at two sentences and tell what was wrong with them. The first one I wasn’t so sure about, I couldn’t really see anything wrong with it. So I took a guess, and I think I guessed wrong. The second sentence was a bit easier, I found the grammar mistake right away. I found out that I was denied for the one that I had to write the product descriptions for, but I was accepted for the other project, which was just for their general marketplace, so I can accept marketplace projects when they’re posted.

That’s it the past week. This week I’m going to take a short course about social media strategy for small business, and also want to finalize my ideas for my fee structure for my writing clients. Everyone have a great week!

I started writing in elementary school and never stopped. I enjoy sharing stories about my hard-learned life lessons and writing advice.

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