Things I should be doing today:

  1. Washing clothes (probably will in a while).
  2. Sweeping and cleaning the bathrooms (probably will tomorrow).
  3. Washing the dishes (probably will later after we eat dinner).

Things I did instead:

  1. Wrote a lot on Medium and in Draft (which will get posted on Medium at a later date).
  2. Watched a little Breaking Bad.
  3. Looked at stuff online that I’d like to get eventually for our house.
  4. Feeling just slightly guilty that I’m sitting here wasting time while my husband is in the garage putting shelves together.

(Hey, I am NOT going out in that humid, dank garage unless he needs me. If he wants to be out there more power to him).

There’s plenty of stuff I still want/need to do in this house, but a lot of it I need his help for.

I started writing in elementary school and never stopped. I enjoy sharing stories about my hard-learned life lessons and writing advice.

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