Things I Wish I Knew At 19

When I turned 19, I was just getting ready to graduate from high school (yes, I graduated a little older because I was held back a year in first grade). Though my mother had been struggling with cancer, I didn’t anticipate that I would lose her just 6 weeks before I turned 20. In addition, there are a few other things I wish I’d known….

Finding a job after college is not easy.

Most companies don’t want to hire people who have just graduated from college, and certainly not people with the degree I had (I had gotten my Bachelor’s degree in French with a minor in Writing and Language). It took me over a year to find a job after I graduated from college in 1997, and then that job only lasted 5 months because I sucked at it (I was teaching French at a private school, and the kids were HORRIBLE). Luckily I was living with the man who’s now my husband, and he was able to support us for a bit until I was able to find another job.

Finding the “ideal” place to live is not easy.

In addition to working different jobs, Kevin and I also lived in a few different places because we couldn’t find the “ideal” place to live. Luckily we were renting, so it was ok — had we bought a house like we are now, we would have been spending a lot more. When I first met Kevin, I was living in this apartment that was really a piece of crap, to say the least — when I first moved into it though, I thought it was the greatest apartment in the world because it was three bedrooms and only $25 more a month in rent than what I had been paying for the little studio apartment I lived in my senior year of college. I learned very quickly why it was only $25 more a month, though.

Finding the “ideal” work from home job is not easy.

I started working from home in 2003, the same year Kevin and I got married. I truly think that 2003 was a big turning point year for us — we got married that year, and I started working from home that year. My first work from home job was with West Telemarketing, who at that time was taking calls for Home Shopping Network, so they hired me to start taking calls for HSN first. Later, I started taking calls for other clients. Unfortunately that job only lasted 8 or 9 months, then they ended my contract with no notice and no reason given. After that, I worked several other work from home jobs with different companies. I did other phone jobs as well as writing. I liked the writing jobs better of course, but the phone jobs paid better, so I worked them mostly had did writing on the side, and that’s what I’m still doing to this day.

When you start doing the right things, things start changing for you.

I don’t know what it is, but it seems like ever since I started making changes in my life last year (you can read about the changes I started making in my Medium article “Finding my Inner Hero: How I Started Changing My Life by Working With a Life Coach”) things have started to change for me. Though I haven’t completely followed through with all the goals I set when I worked with Nicola last year, I’m still seeing things start to change for the better in my life, and I’m happier because of it.

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I started writing in elementary school and never stopped. I enjoy sharing stories about my hard-learned life lessons and writing advice.

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