Three Companies that Hire People to Work from Home Doing Health or Insurance-Related Work

Do you have experience in the health or insurance industry, but want to work from home? Then I have good news for you — there are companies that hire people with experience or interest in these fields — this article will provide more information on these companies.

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Apptical — This company hires employees to receive inbound calls from insurance agents who are trying to get their potential clients approved for different life and health insurance products. You will also have to make some outbound calls to applicants to do interviews or to get more information — however inbound calls are your first priority. The amount you’ll make depends on call volume, but you won’t make less than your state minimum wage. You are paid semi-monthly on the 15th and the last day of the month by direct deposit. If you work full-time for Apptical, you have the option to take advantage of health insurance benefits, and all employees can take advantage of Apptical’s 401k. If you are interested in applying to work at Apptical, you can apply here.

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Parameds — This company hires independent contractors to make outbound calls to medical offices to retrieve information on insurance claims. These usually involve medical insurance but can also involve life insurance, disability insurance or death claims. Scheduling is very flexible at Parameds — you’re required to be available 6 hours a day for calls, however you can choose when you make those calls. Pay cannot be disclosed because of Parameds’ privacy agreement, but you are paid by paper check that is mailed on the 1st and 15th of every month, and you will make more some pay periods than others. Since this company hires independent contractors, they do not offer health insurance or any other type of benefits. If you’re interested in applying with Parameds, send a resume to

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Pleio Goodstart — his company hires independent contractors to make follow-up calls to people to provide follow-up services to people on important medications. There are two types of agents — registration agents call and ask if it would be ok for someone to call back and talk to them, and register them in the program. Registration agents are paid for every person they enroll in the program — they make between $18 and $24 an hour depending on call volume. Call center agents are the ones who actually call and talk to the patient about their medication. They are paid for completed calls — that means if a call center agent calls and gets no answer, they don’t get paid for that call. If a call center agent calls and gets an answer, whether the person is willing to listen to them or not, they’ll be paid for the call. Call center agents average between $12 and $18 per hour depending on the program and the number of people they’re able to reach. No matter which type of calls you make, you’re expected to work at least 16 hours per week. If you’re interested in applying with Pleio Goodstart, check out this link.


These are a few companies that hire people to work from home doing health or insurance-related phone work. If you’re interested in finding out more information about companies that hire people to work from home doing different types of phone work, be sure to check out my eBook “Get Paid to Talk: 97 Companies that Hire People to Work from Home on the Phone

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