Why I Like Using Draft to Write My Rough Drafts

My word count continues to go up on Beeminder!

I can create separate notes for different projects.

Currently, I have three different notes set up in Draft — one for posts I write for my Work at Home Tips Online website, one for the posts I write for Medium, and another I use for the drafts I write for Wordgigs articles. As I add more freelance writing clients I’ll probably add more notes, so I can keep track for the number of words I write for each of them as well.

I can receive feedback from others on my drafts.

I haven’t actually done this yet, but Draft does have a few options that allow you to get feedback from others on your drafts. You can either share your drafts with others, or you can ask a Pro for assistance. The Share option is obviously the easier and cheaper way to go. You get a link you can share with others — they can then read your draft and make comments. If you want professional help and you’re willing to pay for it, however, the Ask a Pro option may be the better way to go. It costs $6 for every 15 minutes you talk to a pro, however, so you’ll need to make sure you have that in your budget first.

Teacher at heart with a special interest in law, fitness, health, and writing. An all-around nerd who likes to experiment with new things.

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