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My Accomplishments for the Week Ending 3/25/18

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The calendar says Spring is here, but it sure doesn’t feel like it yet. Nonetheless, my body and my mind have started to get into Spring cleaning mode, so this past week I started doing a little bit of that, as well as a few other things.


I wrote a few articles for Wordgigs this week, and a little bit for my websites. It doesn’t amount to much, but it’s enough to cover some of the expenses I have coming out one of my accounts at least.


I did my regular cleaning this week — bathrooms and kitchen. Did some of it on the weekend and some of it during the week. I’ve also started to work on decorating my house for Spring — I ordered a few things from Amazon to help me do that.


I took a shelf I had in my office and brought it into my bedroom to put some of the stuff I have on my bureau onto. I also organized my office a little better with a few things I ordered from Amazon — a phone stand and a stand for organizing folders and other things that can be stored vertically. I also organized some of my electronic information in Evernote. I went through all the projects I’ve saved to one notebook in Evernote and came up with tags for all of them, then prioritized them. Only ended up prioritizing a few of them as high priority, the rest were medium or low priority because of the price, the time of year, or space, tools, or time needed to complete the project.

My plans for this week

This week I want to go through some of the stuff in a few of my drawers and decide what to do with it. I have a lot of jewelry that I can’t or won’t wear because it’s either too big, or I just don’t like it. Going to contact a jeweler to find out how much it would cost to have a few of the pieces resized, and the stone from one made into another piece — maybe a ring or necklace. This weekend, Kevin and I are traveling to Boone, NC for Easter weekend. It’s probably going to be cold up there, but I’m still looking forward to getting away for a few days. Everyone have a great week!

I started writing in elementary school and never stopped. I enjoy sharing stories about my hard-learned life lessons and writing advice.

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